Bulk Oil Ordering

Bulk oil purchasing is available. You may contact us directly to inquire about the type of oil you are interested in.

Estate-grown in Santa Cruz County, Belle Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in the Tuscan tradition from a harvest blend of five Tuscan olive varieties. The result is a distinct and well-balanced oil with a delicate, peppery finish. Enjoy drizzled over grilled or steamed vegetables, meats and fish or for dipping with your favorite, rustic bread. Makes a great salad dressing too!

Perfect for everyday cooking, the flavors of our Everyday Olive Oil are slightly milder than our Tuscan olive oil. This extra virgin olive oil is perfect for all your cooking needs including salad dressing, sauteing, baking and even frying. Our Everyday Olive Oil is the same quality you’ve come to expect from Belle Farms and priced for your everyday use!

Olio Nuovo – “New Oil” - is extra virgin olive oil at its freshest just off the press – literally! Rather than letting the oil rest, the new oil is bottled immediately after pressing. The result is an intensely flavorful and aromatic oil that is truly a treat to taste! Olio Nuovo is a seasonal product available only for a short time and should be consumed within 60-90 days. Because it is unfiltered and unsettled, the oil will appear cloudy and some settling will occur.

Made in the traditional Italian “Agrumato” style, we custom crushed our estate olives and Eureka lemons to produce this wonderful, lively olive oil. This method of co-milling the fruit and olives together marries the flavors of our Tuscan olives perfectly with the zest and vibrant notes of lemon. The result is an aromatic and citrusy accompaniment to fish, chicken, vegetables and salads.

At Belle Farms, we typically harvest between late November and early December. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a harvest blend of traditional Tuscan olives including Leccino, Frantoio, Maurino, Pendolino and Moraiolo. Some of the varieties are black/ripe at the time of harvest while the later ripening varieties are still green. This combination makes for a distinct, well-balanced and versatile oil that compliments many foods.