Using EVOO

A frequent questions is: “Can I cook with extra virgin olive oil?” This is a very common question from consumers purchasing EVOO and by all means, YES! Contrary to popular belief, EVOO has a higher flash point (roughly 400 degrees) than most other oils due to its high polyphenol content which makes it an excellent nutritional alternative to many other fats when cooking, baking and even frying. That said, budgetary constraints are often a consideration when cooking with a more expensive EVOO, so it may be worthwhile to consider a lesser expensive oil for cooking where flavors will not be affected. You can save the high-end oil for use as a finishing or condiment oil for that big flavor boost before serving. A final drizzle of Belle Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil over roasted vegetables, pasta, meats or fish, soups or stews can be the difference between an ordinary dish and a fantastic one!