In The Orchard

High quality EVOO starts in the orchard and - similar to making wine - there are many factors that influence the overall quality of olive oil, such as soil and climate as well as farming practices. At Belle Farms, our orchards are maintained using sustainable farming practices. Registered organic products are used to control pests and hand and mechanical cultivation methods are used to control weeds and gophers. In addition, cover crops provide micro-nutrients to the soil to maintain a healthy orchard.

Handling the fruit properly is another important step in producing high quality extra virgin olive oil. Olives should be processed within a very short time after harvest – ideally 24 to 48 hours. This ensures and maintains the integrity of the oil from a nutritional standpoint as well as flavor. Our olives are hand-picked and custom pressed within 24 hours of harvest. Our olive oil is first, cold pressed and unfiltered to maintain flavor and highest nutrition.