Plant Your Own Olive Trees

We have carefully propagated cuttings from our orchard into beautiful olive trees for sale through our nursery. We are currently selling three Tuscan olive tree varieties. Please check back with us for additional varieties.

Tuscan Varietals Available for Sale:

The most noted of the Tuscan olive varieties; known for its superior oil qualities with very fruity and aromatic characteristics; late to ripen.

A fast-growing and vigorous tree; early to ripen; also known for its high-quality oil with delicate fruitiness; fruit doubles nicely for table olives.

Considered the ideal Tuscan pollinator; a more compact tree with delicate, narrow leaves; oil from this varietal yields delicate and mild characteristics.

Our olive trees are available in varying sizes. Contact us for ordering information.

Olive Orchard Consulting Services

We can assist you with all phases of orchard planning and implementation including: soil type, spacing, irrigation, sustainable and/or organic fertilizer, spray programs and pruning. In addition, we can offer assistance with harvesting and pressing.

We currently offer consulting services for vineyards as well as olive orchards.

For more information about how our consulting services can assist you, please Contact us. We would love to hear from you.